Ignore customer feedback at your peril

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Recently, I’ve had occasion to use both Huddle (for organising Twestival) and Basecamp (for DEFCON). Unfortunately, Huddle doesn’t work well on the iPad. I moaned about this on Twitter (as one does) and Huddle responded, saying that they were working on it. So far, so good.

Fast-forward six weeks and today, over lunch, I’m asked for advice on what project management collaboration service is the best. I duly pull out my iPad and discover that Huddle still doesn’t work on it.

So guess who has a new 40-user client?

Obviously, you don’t want to be falling over yourself to cater to every whim of every user but support for a platform like the iPad is a fairly basic piece of functionality.

Written by jackgavigan

April 11, 2011 at 10:18 pm

Posted in Innovation

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